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So that you know exactly what pension plans you will be dividing,  it is a good idea to write down all the pensions you and your ex-partner have before a mediation appointment.

This will also help you when you find out what rules or stipulations your pension plan scheme has, to find out out how and when you can divide the pension and how long it may take.

UK Family Mediation Nottingham are able to help  with dispute resolution over pension scheme for divorce for families .

If you have disputes over finances, speak to UK Family Mediation Services Nottingham, we are here to help you reach a fast resolution.

Mediation - A Solution to Family Disputes

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Reasons to Mediate

Mediation lets everyone take a break and work together to find a solution that’s good for all. It stops arguments from getting worse and saves money on legal costs.

People can come up with different solutions that aren’t limited to what a court might say; they can make deals or new contracts if they want. This is really helpful when people argue over things like who can use a path or where property lines are, or who owns something. The most important thing is that the people involved are in charge and have all the information they need to make smart choices without long and painful court battles.

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The mediators Role in Pension Disputes

UK Family Mediation Nottingham offers a confidential process where disputing parties work with a neutral third-party mediator to discuss their issues and find a mutually acceptable solution. In the context of pensions, mediation can address various disputes, including:

Benefit Entitlements:

Clarifying the rights of beneficiaries, especially in cases of divorce or death.

Pension Valuation

Determining the value of pension assets for equitable distribution.

Investment Decision

Resolving disagreements between trustees or between trustees and beneficiaries regarding investment strategies.

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How Pensions are Divided

In pension sharing, you will get a certain percentage of your partner’s pension. The pension you get will be transferred to a pension plan in your name. this transfer may be made to a different scheme or you may have to open an account at your ex-partners scheme so that it can be transferred to you. In the case where you are getting a pension transfer and you do no belong to any pension scheme, you will have to set up an account so that you can be able to receive the pension money as it will not be given to you in cash.

This is much more complicated to set up and may cost higher legal fees. It occurs when one of the partners is already receiving their pension payments and the other is either too young to get their pension paid or they have not yet retired. In this case, you will both have to agree to share the pension later on.

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In the case of a pension offset, the value of the pension is offset against any other asset. This means that in some instances you may not want to share your pension with your partner because the value of the pension will reduce as it is being transferred. You may, therefore, prefer that they get a bigger portion of the family home or get your entire half and you keep the pension. In the case of a pension offset certain papers need to be signed so that your partner or you do not change the agreement without the knowledge of the other.

In this situation, you and your partner may agree that instead of reducing the pension right now, you may wait until the owner of the pension scheme has retired and you may get a lump sum from their scheme. Many people, especially those who do not have a pension scheme to transfer the money or want quick cash will choose this option. It is also a good option for people who have a significant age difference between them such that one cannot receive pension payments soon and the other is just about to retire.

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