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First Steps

With child focused disputes or finances  couples should first attend a MIAM  (Mediation Information Assessment Meeting) with a qualified mediator.

More families are choosing  mediation over court proceedings, although family mediation is not compulsory, it is more efficient, cost-effective, and quicker than going to court.

Any agreement made at the mediation stage regarding children can be used in court by a qualified solicitor, especially when creating a consent order for your children.

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The Steps in Mediation

Divorce or separation can be incredibly stressful and financially demanding. At Nottingham UK Family Mediation Service Nottingham we provide a fair and efficient way to resolve disputes involving children, finances, and property, helping you avoid costly and contentious court battles. Let us assist you in finding a peaceful and constructive path to a better future.

Initial Assessment

The mediator meets individually with each party to explain mediation, assess its appropriateness, and discuss expectations, ensuring both parties understand the process before proceeding.

Identifying Issues

Your mediator will help during your discussion pinpoint the specific issues to be addressed if your family, such as child custody, asset division, or spousal support, establishing a clear agenda for resolution.

Negotiation & Discussion

The mediator will work with you to review and evaluate various proposals, to ensure options are practical and meet both parties' interests, aiming for mutually beneficial solutions.

Agreement & Documentation

Once an agreement is reached on your most key joint issues, the mediator will draft a Memorandum of Understanding. This summarises the agreed mediation terms in a clear, non-binding document.

Mediation Success

UK Family Mediation Nottingham offers a constructive alternative to traditional court proceedings in separation, focusing on collaboration rather than confrontation. Unlike courtroom battles, mediation allows divorcing couples to discuss and resolve key issues—such as child access, financial support, and property division in a more private and less adversarial setting.

Guided by a neutral mediator, the process encourages open communication and mutual understanding, helping both parties reach agreements that reflect their unique needs and circumstances. This approach not only reduces the emotional and financial strain often associated with divorce but also empowers individuals to actively participate in crafting their future arrangements, leading to more sustainable and satisfactory outcomes.


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Mediation Cost Options


Private Paid

You can use personal savings, income, or credit cards to pay for family mediation directly. This method provides control over payments and can mean mediation can be arranged and carried out quickly.


Legal Aid

If you meet certain financial criteria, you might qualify for legal aid, which can cover the costs of family mediation, especially in cases involving children or domestic issues. Speak to our Nottingham team to discuss in more detail.


Family Mediation Voucher Scheme

The Family Mediation Voucher Scheme provides eligible families in England and Wales with up to £500 towards the cost of mediation, helping them resolve disputes related to child arrangements without financial strain.

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