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UK Family Mediation Service helps you control and even make your own decisions regarding  child arrangements, finances and other issues related to your relationship breakdown and family disputes.

UK Family Mediation offer online sessions and is a confidential process, that is cost effective at your convenience so location and working hours aren’t a limiting factor.

The Family Mediation Process

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Why Online Mediation

Reaching a mutual agreement is a much better option than wasting time, money and efforts in the court proceedings.

Family Mediation Nottingham is a more cost effective approach and is always a confidential process.

There will be a series of sessions and family mediator will try to make you both reach the best possible agreement which is the best for you, your ex partner and even your child.

Family mediation is suitable for you if you are going through significant changes with your ex partner, divorce proceedings or child arrangements in a cooperative and constructive way.

Online joint mediation is a cheaper and a quicker way to resolve the disputes peacefully with your ex partner. See our fees here and take the first step with our team.

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Online Mediation Benefits

In the wake of the digital revolution, the landscape of dispute resolution has undergone a significant transformation. Online mediation, offer one of the many alternative dispute resolution methods, offers a virtual platform for parties to resolve conflicts with the guidance of a trained mediator. This method of mediation harnesses the power of technology to bridge distances, reduce costs, and streamline the process of finding common ground making it a beneficial result of separation.

The Future of Mediation

One of the goals of Nottingham mediation is to create a Memorandum of Understanding, which outlines the agreements reached. This document can cover various aspects, including parenting plans and the welfare of the children, ensuring that their best interests are always a priority.

The process encourages an open mind and focuses on finding good solutions without the adversarial nature of court proceedings. Legal advice is often integrated into the mediation process to ensure that any agreements made are legally sound. Additionally, if mediation is successful, a MIAM certificate is issued, which can be a significant factor in divorce proceedings, potentially reducing legal fees.

In conclusion, online mediation with UK Family Mediation Nottingham offers a practical and cost-effective method for resolving family disputes. It promotes a neutral environment to find amicable solutions, respects the confidentiality of the parties involved, and prioritises the welfare of the children, making it a beneficial alternative to traditional legal routes.

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