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UK Family Mediation Services Nottingham

You may wonder, why you should use mediation if there is a traditional lawsuit alternative? Let UK Family mediation services speak for themselves!

Why Mediation Nottingham?

UK Family Mediation services is an essential tool used for resolving family issues, such as divorced or separated couples with children support issues, property division, and others. In addition to minimising stress on both parties and the court system, it is also a beneficial aid in allowing the involved parties to settle dissimilarities economically and efficiently.

The third-party, known as the mediator, brings together the couples who are in conflict and then assist them towards reaching a voluntary agreement without having to attend a court hearing. The mediator helps the parties to clarify their issues, consider multiple options, and make a feasible statement suitable to their needs.

The Mediation Process

With UK Family mediation Services Nottingham, a certain issue will be presented by both parties. This issue – whether separation, divorce, or family event – will be tackled thoroughly. The mediator will now offer various options. With these options, the parties can talk over them and assess their assets while depending on the mediator’s expertise to help them make the right decision.

The mediator is the kind of person who is full of persistence, common sense, and patience. He or she has great  negotiation techniques, as well as powers of articulation, restatement, and effective listening. Mediation also works by open communication, clear feelings about the case, and mutual respect. The whole discussion is confidential.

What Issues Do We Handle?

All family members can heavily rely on UK Family Mediation Nottingham for resolving any issues or difficulties surrounding their family. These could be about finance, property, or other possessions, business, parental access rights, child support, pensions, and debts. Not only parents can benefit from using mediation, but the adult children and grandparents as well. To find out more on what we handle click here!

Mediation the UK Family Mediation Nottingham Way!

Hiring the right mediator is exceptionally crucial for the divorce or family mediation to become a success. And, UK Family has already helped the family of all types and sizes to deal with any family issues and provided the best solution. Our mediator is unbiased and mainly focuses on the needs of the family, specifically the children.

We know how stressful and painful (not to mention expensive) it is especially for children to deal with the court process. Your case would be pending for several months or years. While with mediation , it could only take between 3 and 6 sessions.

Hiring our mediator means working with a person with the right set of skills and knowledge in all divorce aspects, regardless of how complex and involved the issues are. Our experienced mediator has a deep understanding of their role in smoothing the entire process. Thus, helping the parties to reach a reasonable and rational settlement in a quick, cost-efficient, and friendly manner as possible.

So, resolving family issues should not be costly and very stressful. UK Family could help ! We provide a range of meditation options to clear up the gap and reach an agreement that will benefit both the involved parties.

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