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Inheritance Disputes and Family Mediation are one of the most difficult types of problems to solve.

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 This can be emotionally challenging period for the bereaved, and we understand how things can become even more intricate with the issue of wills and inheritance. Our team of specialists is here to assist you ensuring a smoother process for everyone involved.


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Mediation offers a path to steer clear of litigation and achieve a mutually agreeable settlement with your partners or family members when issues arise over wills, probate or inheritance..

The issue of inheritance disputes is complicated even where there is a clear cut and completely legal will to work with, but when a court issued probate becomes necessary to determine the line of inheritance as per the law, the process becomes very difficult to manage but we have a team of experienced mediators to offers support and advice.

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Inheritance Mediation

Inheritance disputes can be one of the most emotionally charged conflicts within a family. When a loved one passes away, the grief can sometimes be overshadowed by the complexities of probate and the distribution of the estate. This is where probate mediation can play a crucial role in resolving disputes amicably.

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Probate Mediation

Probate mediation is a voluntary process where disputing parties come together to discuss and resolve their differences regarding an estate, under the guidance of a neutral third-party mediator. It’s a confidential process aimed at finding a mutually acceptable agreement without the need for a court battle.


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